What is virgin coconut oil and why should you be using it?

What is virgin coconut oil and why should you be using it?
July 2, 2014 Cristina Hernandez

In recent years, coconut oil has been the food that everybody is talking about, with droves of people turning to this magnificent foodstuff to boost both their body and mind. So what’s the big deal? Is it really as big as the hype says?

Well, in short… yes!

One of the reasons many people disregard coconut oil before they learn more about it is the fact that it is indeed, an oil; most people hear the world oil and immediately think that it will be bad for them. Why? Because there is a lot of oils that aren’t great for the body, but coconut oil is different.

In order to be properly nourished, the body needs to consume good fat every day. Coconut oil is the perfect source of this good fat and its composition of the medium chain fatty acid, lauric acid, means that it breaks down in a different way to animal and vegetable fats.

When you consume a long chain fatty acid, your body will retain the oil and then turn it into fat if you don’t work it off . A medium chain fatty acid does the opposite of this and breaks up quickly in your body, burning the fat as fuel before the body has a chance to store it.

Why is a medium chain fatty acid good for the body?

The list is ever growing, but medium chain fatty acids have been shown to help with many things, including:

• Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

• Reducing the risk of heart disease

• Speeding up metabolism

• Keeping the brain healthy

• Boosts the immune system

• Gives a natural energy boost

• Antibacterial

• Antifungal

The only other place that lauric acid can be found is in breast milk – a real endorsement if you ever heard one!

When deciding to incorporate premium coconut oil into your diet, to benefit from the natural goodness that it holds, it should be taken each day. There are many ways that you can ingest it, with a very popular option being replacing regular cooking oils with it; by doing this, you are eliminating the generation of dangerous free radicals that other oils produce, as well as benefiting from the properties of the oil itself.

Other ways coconut oils can be used include:

• Blending with smoothies

• Baking

• Eating raw

• Spreading on toast

• Applying topically to skin and hair

• Frying

• Roasting

By applying coconut directly to the skin and hair, you can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, rashes, dry skin and improve the glossiness of your hair.

At Jeeva, we only source the finest Indian coconuts for our pure coconut oil and harvest them when they are green, ensuring that they are garden fresh and full of natural goodness. All of our coconuts are 100% cold pressed and cold processed, meaning all of our coconut oil is as close to its original state as possible with a delicate flavour.

We have a firm belief in delivering all natural products and only offer oil that comes from hand picked coconuts. We make our raw extra virgin coconut oil from the milk and don’t dry out our coconut flesh and we then go on to only cold press and process, ensuring that no head comes into contact with the oil.

By starting your coconut oil regime with Jeeva, you are ensuring that you are using a fresh, high quality oil that is totally delicious.

All of our coconuts are responsibly sourced from cooperative society, meaning that we are consciously ethical.

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