Jeeva Natural is here!

Jeeva Natural is here!
March 14, 2014 Cristina Hernandez

Indeed, a great product demands a great launch

The 26th of February, 2014 witnessed the launch of Jeeva Natural Coconut Water. The event took place in madhubhan Resort in Anand near Ahmedabad. Inaugrated by Swami Bhagvatcharandas Kothari Shree (BAPS Shree Swami Narayan Mandir Anand), the launch was a huge success. Attended by highly esteemed people like Mr. Prayasvin Patel (CMD of Elecon Engineering Company), Mr. Charles Patel (CMD of Capital News London) and many more; Jeeva made a grand launch. The founder members, Bhavna Kanadia and Nirav Patel, were at their best as they addressed the gathering and introduced the product at length. The Indian market is presided over by Nirav Patel whilst the British sector is managed by Bhavna Kanadia.

Jeeva, as the name suggests, refers to being ‘full of life’. Therefore, Jeeva Coconut Water refers to an energy drink that does not contain any kind of additive, caffeine or preservative. It is garden fresh and 100% natural. It is good for all ages. It is one such drink that parents can offer their children without any worry. Low in calories, free from cholesterol and naturally sweet in taste; this Coconut Water comprises of electrolytes like potassium and sodium that makes it an effective oral rehydration medium; even more effective than water. Jeeva Coconut Water is especially beneficial for athletes, pregnant women, unwell and overindulgent people and anyone who wants to remain healthy.

Jeeva Inaugration

Jeeva Coconut Water is procured right at the 7th month of coconut tenderness, when this fruit offers optimum nutritional benefits through its water. The water of the tender coconut is pure and is 99% fat free. As it is isotonic, it replaces body fluids lost to physical stress or injury. It is interesting to note that the coconut water was used in World War Second as a replacement for blood plasma when supplies ran low.

As said by Nirav Patel, currently Jeeva will be offered in the cities of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Bharuch and Surat; but soon this brand will spread itself across the nation. Moreover, the brand will offer an elaborate product range centred on health and wellbeing.

And, rightly said by Bhavna Kanadia that Jeeva Coconut Water is here to offer a healthier life to its consumers. It is a great substitute for those caffeinated energy drinks that many people depend on for that much desired energy boost. Those aerated energy drinks contain synthetic sweeteners, caffeine and additives that send you crashing down and feeling jittery after a few hours and have been linked to heart failure and kidney malfunction. Today, consumers are very health conscious and most of the products available in the market are not as healthy as required by our bodies. Jeeva Coconut Water offers electrolytes, B-vitamins, amino acids, essential minerals, and trace elements that give you an honest energy boost that lasts through school, work, sports, and beyond. Jeeva is inspired by nature ethos. With Jeeva Coconut Water, you can improve the health of your heart and immunity system.

The products at Jeeva are made with natural ingredients that are low in carbon, with no animal testing, and carefully hand-sourced from sustainable resources.

So, this summer, just quench your thirst with Jeeva Coconut Water and stay ‘full of life’!

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