Jeeva Products Stocked At The Prestigious Well being Emporium John Bell & Croyden

Jeeva Products Stocked At The Prestigious Well being Emporium John Bell & Croyden
June 22, 2017 Cristina Hernandez
John Bell & Croyden Store

The sun is shining again and the weather is sweet! So what a better way to celebrate the sun and summer finally joining us, than announcing our new product display at the prestigious John Bell & Croyden based in Marylebone in West London!

John Bell & Croyden has been setting the standard in holistic health solutions since 1798. Having our organic products stocked here is a truly exciting and amazing opportunity for us here at Jeeva. The philosophy at John Bell & Croyden is completely aligned with our own; the very best of nature and health coming together in the name of well being, and we do this by bringing you organic coconut oil, exotic and pure coconut waters and the rare delight that is Sri Lanka’s very unique bamboo blossom rice.

John Bell & Croyden Store

“Championing People’s Health”, that’s the motto at John Bell & Croyden and for over 200 years, this is exactly what they have done; provide world class pharmacy and health promoting products. It’s a real delight with this in mind, to know that not only are we on board this journey with John Bell & Croyden, but that our products are displayed in the most beautiful and luxurious way. Displayed in a striking circular display stand, John Bell & Croyden showcase Sri Lanka’s finest ingredient, the golden king coconut, brought to you through an array of pure coconut oil products and organic coconut waters.

Our full range of king coconut products are all available to purchase within the store. Our organic coconut waters and exotic flavour combinations, including fresh root turmeric infusions, as well as refreshing mint and lime mixtures. Our versatile premium coconut oil is also available in our two sizes of 200ml and 500ml and all packaged in eco-friendly glass jars. Last but not least is our rare Bamboo Blossom Rice, a rare treat that is harvest only every 12 years, making it one of nature’s greatest and most special treats, a gift from us to you!

Rare Bamboo Blossom Rice

And with the gift of giving in mind and our love for nature and its preservation, we donate 2% of our profits from our organic coconut oils and organic king coconut waters to the Born Free Foundation to go towards Sri Lankan elephant orphanages and to support our adopted elephant, amply named Coco!

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