Playing Our Part – Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka

Playing Our Part – Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka
July 5, 2017 Cristina Hernandez
Inspired by nature

Inspired by Nature

“Inspired by nature”, that’s our mantra here at Jeeva. We believe in nature, and importantly, it’s preservation and conservation. It’s what drives us to create products that are as close to nature as you can get, we use minimal processing, work closely with the local community and are dedicate in making sure that the products we create have the lowest environmental impact possible, using eco-friendly packaging and environmentally responsible production processes. Our passion for nature goes beyond just this though, and we are dedicated to the conservation of indigenous wildlife and have partnered up with the international wildlife charity, The Born Free Foundation.

Inspired by nature

The Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation is a lively and proactive international wildlife charity and its origins date back to 1984 where Bill Travers MBE, Virginia McKenna OBE and their eldest son Will Travers OBE embarked on a journey that led them to create the film “Born Free”, and from this the Born Free Foundation was alive and living in natures honour!

Working closely with local communities,the Born Free Foundation protects a range of wildlife, such as elephants, gorillas, tigers, bears and many more endangered species.In Sri Lanka, a place close to our hearts at Jeeva, as it is where we source our coconuts and bamboo blossom rice, wildlife is conflict with humans outside of protected areas, and this is an area where most elephants within the country live.

Jeeva Cares – Playing our Part

Inspired by natureThe need for wildlife conservation within Sri Lanka is something we deeply believe in. It is so important that these beautiful animals can thrive in their natural habitats and in peace. But just knowing this wasn’t enough for us, and we wanted to do more, to not only support the magnificent work of the Born Free Foundation, but to also play our part in that conservation.

This drove us to reach out to the Born Free Foundation to explore how Jeeva could get involved and this was the beginning of our partnership. From the sale of our range of organic king coconut waters and organic coconut oils, 2% of our profits are donated to the Born Free Foundation to support their ongoing efforts within Sri Lanka.

Whilst on our travels within Sri Lanka, we visited one of the elephant sanctuaries that run as a partnership between the Born Free Foundation and the governments Elephant Transit Home network, which serves to protect and safeguard elephants in their natural habitats and to rehabilitate orphaned elephants. Whilst on our travels we found ourselves falling madly in love with one little elephant, Coco! We bonded so much and instantly that we knew we wanted to be part of Coco’s journey and to give Coco the love and care he has always deserved!

Our Adopted Elephant, Coco!

Back in June 2016, we adopted Coco, and over the last year we’ve been following his progress. Coco has grown up from a small and malnourished orphaned elephant, into a fine young male elephant, who we’re told “unlike other babies at the feeding station, he is polite and waits his turn and then moves on”. We’re absolutely delighted at Coco’s progress and in just 5 months he has grown a foot, so he isn’t quite so little anymore, but he is still our little Coco no matter what!

We’re looking forward to our next visit back to Sri Lanka, where we’ll be able to give Coco a big hug and look at the next stages in to his rehabilitation back into the wild. If you want to find out more about Coco, subscribe to our blog where we be giving you regular updates about Coco’s precious journey and also sharing exciting news about the projects our donations go toward and more about the Born Free Foundations work in Sri Lanka.

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