Increase your life-knowledge for 2017: Ayurvedic Doshas

Increase your life-knowledge for 2017: Ayurvedic Doshas
January 5, 2017 Cristina Hernandez
Ayurveda Dosha

Increase your life-knowledge for 2017

After the excesses of the Christmas season, January is the time for trying – and quite often failing – to stick to well-meaning New Year’s resolutions. This year, however, it might make things a little bit more interesting and enlightening to look east for inspiration in bringing about a better you in the New Year.

Ayurvedic medicine (which translates from Sanskrit to English as “life-knowledge”) is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted holistic healing systems. Jeeva Natural’s founder Bhavi Kanadia is well versed in the Ayurvedic tradition and its ethos has helped inform her approach to creating an ethical and life-enhancing range of products for the health-conscious. But even a basic understanding of this philosophy can help you on your way to a healthier, happier 2017.

A core teaching in Ayurvedic practise is the belief that one’s constitution consists of three elements, or Doshas, and it is the achievement of a balance between these elements that is key in reaching the goal of good health and well-being. The thinking behind the concept of the Doshas, developed over thousands of years, is that no two people are the same and different methods will work for the benefit of different people. This is an encouraging and truly spiritual idea, but what are the three Doshas and how can understanding them help you get healthier in body and mind?

Vata Dosha

This is the energy that controls your heartbeat, blood circulation and breathing. When in balance the Vata Dosha generates creativity and vitality, but when out of balance fear and anxiety may arise. Vata types tend to be creative, quick to learn, excitable and fun and are often slender and tall. They are recommended to eat sweet berries, fruits, small beans, rice, nuts and dairy produce. Exercise should be moderate in intensity.

Pitta Dosha

The energy which controls digestion, absorption, nutrition, and your body’s temperature. In balance the Pitta Dosha leads to contentment and intelligence, but out of balance can cause anger and ailments including ulcers. People who are predominantly Pitta are more likely to be orderly, focused and assertive, with a strong and well-built medium physique. They should pursue a diet rich in fresh vegetables, salads and sweet, watery fruit, whilst steering clear of too much fried and spicy food. Pitta types are also advised to avoid conflict.

Kapha Dosha

This is the energy that controls growth in the body, supplying water to all body parts and maintaining the immune system. When in balance this energy becomes expressed as love and forgiveness, but out of balance it can lead to insecurity and envy. Kapha types are known to be easy-going, affectionate and loving and are physically strong with a sturdy build. They should choose foods that are light, warm and spicy. It is important for Kapha types to engage in physical activity as often as possible.

Understanding Ayurveda could be a good basis to achieving a better you… What Dosha type do you think you might be?

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