King Coconut Christmas survival pack

King Coconut Christmas survival pack
December 21, 2016 Cristina Hernandez

King Coconut water – an essential component of any survival pack this Christmas


Every year it’s the same, you begin the month of December with the best intentions of being as health conscious as possible over Christmas. But the same temptations keep coming up, from the constant supply of seasonal snacks and treats to maybe one too many at the office Christmas party.

The morning after the night before many people often turn to sugary, caffeinated drinks or coffee. But too much caffeine can not only give you the jitters but often leaves you feeling even more dehydrated than you did to begin with. So when you need to replenish and rehydrate yourself for the day ahead, King Coconut water is a healthy and effective alternative that should be added to every Christmas list. Jeeva Natural has a wide range of delicious King Coconut Waters available so there is sure to be something for everyone, each day of the Christmas holidays.

Here are just some of the ways our organic King Coconut water can help you navigate the festive season:



Drinking King Coconut water after having an indulgent night with friends and family or at your work Christmas party the night before can help rehydrate you and get you back to your best in no time. King Coconut water contains antioxidants and electrolytes, both of which are key components of any hangover treatment. Also, if you do find the time to work in a work-out over Christmas then a number of studies have shown that King Coconut water is more effective after exercise than many sports drinks.


As well as running the risk of drinking a little bit too much over Christmas it’s also all too easy to overeat as a seemingly endless supply of food is paraded under your nose at every party and get together you go to. If this leads to difficulty when it comes to digesting, then King Coconut water could be just what you need. As a result of its high concentration of fibre, it aids in the prevention of indigestion and reduces the occurrence of acid reflux.

Blood Pressure

In addition to all that overindulgence, and sometimes because of it, Christmas can be a particularly stressful time of year. With all that catching up with family and friends, present-buying and dinner-making, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see your blood pressure creeping up accordingly. King Coconut water contains potassium and magnesium, both of which are helpful when trying to lower your blood pressure naturally using foods and drinks.


Does the mere thought of cooking a Christmas dinner for your family, perhaps including an army of excitable kids, give you a migraine? If so, then King Coconut water could be just the tonic you’re looking for. Because it’s rich in magnesium, which is highly effective in staving off headaches, King Coconut water could be vital for maintaining your mental well-being over Christmas.


King Coconut water is not just for Christmas! For many of us the period immediately after the festive season is when we start to think about losing a bit of weight, especially after all that eating and drinking. King Coconut water can help with your metabolic rate, acting as a diuretic and helping the body hydrate itself, with dehydration often standing in the way of the most earnest attempt to lose weight.


Jeeva Natural organic King Coconut water is made using the refreshing pure water of the golden King Coconut, sourced exclusively from sustainable natural resources in Sri Lanka, meaning that it is an ethical and healthy treat that you can help you to have a very merry Christmas indeed!

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