Our story

Our Story

Jeeva, inspired by the Hindi word for ‘full of life’, believes in supporting you in your quest to get the most out of every single day. We do this by offering superior quality organic products, sourced from the most authentic and sustainable natural resources.

The ethos of Jeeva and its founder Bhavi Kanadia are influenced by Ayurveda – a traditional system of medicine originating in India.

Our Core Values

The best of Mother Nature is in the simplest of things! With this in mind, we wish to give you the very best of nature so that you enjoy life to the fullest.

We believe:

In Minimum Intervention

The less we interfere with natural foods, the more wholesome our life becomes.

In Guilt Free Indulgence

Discover delicious foods that are 100% natural.

In Making a Difference

Preserving nature and natural goodness, for generations to come.

“To pay it back to Mother Nature and pay it forward to the community.”

About Bhavi Kanadia

Bhavi Kanadia is the founder of Jeeva – a brand that deals exclusively in high-quality, all-natural products centred on the principles of Ayurveda.

Known to close friends and family as Coconut Girl, Bhavi was forever linked to the fruit following an accident her mother had during pregnancy. It was the use of coconut-based home remedies that led to a full recovery for both parent and child – and the coconut remains an important part of Bhavi’s life to this day.

Having graduated from the University of Sardar Patel, Gujarat State, with a degree in Food and Nutrition, Bhavi’s vision of creating healthy, all-natural products was achieved after a move to the UK. With the birth of her son Enzo in 2009, Bhavi saw an opportunity to explore her passion for maintaining a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle and chase her dreams, immersing herself in the production of coconut oil, bamboo blossom rice and coconut water.