Women Appreciating Women Honorary Award

Women Appreciating Women Honorary Award
March 16, 2017 Cristina Hernandez
WAW Awards

The WAW Awards and Gala

We celebrated International Womens day in style this year at the first International Women’s Day WAW Awards and Gala; an evening spent with inspirational women from all walks of life, sharing great food and drinks and taking some time out to appreciate the hard work but each and every one of the attendees.

I was incredibly humbled when I received the invitation from the inspirational Dr Pauline Long and even more humbled and astounded when Pauline relayed the news to be that I would be receiving an Honorary award alongside several other truly amazing women. What an amazing celebration, it was truly moving and inspirational full of woman power, great energy that was just bustling with life, or full of life as we would say!

What is WAW?

Women Appreciating Women is a groundbreaking new movement by women for women which is focused on appreciating women in their business, projects and general well-being. The movement is all about bringing women together by way of patting each other’s back and supporting each other’s initiatives. The groups key ethos are:

1. To spread human love.
2. To lift each other up.
3. To do business together harmoniously.
4. To support women in need.
5. To support projects for women by women.
6. To be there for each other.
7. To promote sisterhood.
8. To raise and praise each other.

A truly inspirational movement and all of us at Jeeva are really looking forward to seeing the group grow and evolve and are honored to be a part of that journey.

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