10 ways to jump-start your health with coconut oil in your diet

10 ways to jump-start your health with coconut oil in your diet
April 17, 2015 Cristina Hernandez
Coconut oil diet

10 ways to jump-start your health with coconut oil in your diet

Growing evidence of the health benefits of extra virgin organic coconut oil has made it increasingly popular today both for adults and infants alike. Considered a superfood, coconut oil is versatile and has medicinal properties that promote long term health, besides the added bonus of being a natural beauty kit essential. Just including extra virgin organic coconut oil in your diet can help you stay healthy, naturally.

Coconut oil – health benefits

Coconut oil is an affordable and enjoyable way to insure your health. Besides acting as a hormone balancer and fat burner, it also reduces cellulite, treats yeast infections, slows down the aging process, maintains blood sugar and cholesterol levels, relieves Alzheimer’s and aids the digestion process.

10 easy ways to add coconut oil to your diet

Here are ten ways to include coconut oil your diet and boost your immunity, build strong bones, sleep well and maintain a healthy weight and heart.

  1. Cook with coconut oil – Switch to coconut oil for cookingand frying for better nutrition absorption. Extra virgin organic coconut oil withstands high temperatures
  1. Bake with coconut oil – Replace butter with coconut oil in your baking.
  1. For shiny healthy teeth –  Rub your teeth and gums with coconut oil to keep it clean, healthy and sparkling. Oral health is important for overall health.
  1. Add it to your smoothies – Including coconut oil in your smoothies gives you an energy boost.
  1. Enjoy with coffee or tea – Add a teaspoon of extra virgin organic coconut oil to your coffee or tea for that extra energy to kickstart your day. The coconut oil creates a creamy texture that is both tasty and healthy.
  1. Use as salad dressing – Replace your usual salad dressing with coconut oil.
  1. Pop corn – Instead of your usual cooking oil, use coconut oil to pop corn and enjoy a tasty snack that keeps you healthy
  1. Top your breakfast cereal – A small dollop of extra virgin coconut oil to your breakfast cereal can help you lose weight
  1. Spread on toast – Enjoy coconut oil on your toast in place of butter for a guilt-free, healthy snack.
  1. Just eat it – Improve your body’s ability to fight infections by eating a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning. It also helps your digestion.

Including coconut oil in your diet keeps you fit and healthy. For the best results, use Jeeva extra virgin natural coconut oil and you can buy it from Harrods, London.

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