Prevent Alzheimer’s while combating diabetes at the same time

Prevent Alzheimer’s while combating diabetes at the same time
March 10, 2015 Cristina Hernandez
coconut oil prevent alzheimer's

The health benefits of extra virgin organic coconut oil are no secret. Coconut oil is emerging as a potential remedy for various ailments as well as in beauty care for overall wellness.

Recent research shows that coconut oil can prove effective for those with Alzheimer’s disease, while fighting diabetes at the same time. Let’s first look at the connection between these two conditions to learn how coconut oil can help.

Diabetes, Sugar and the Brain

Did you know that brain cells convert sugar into energy and use it to function? When Alzheimer’s sets in, some parts of the brain find it tough to metabolise sugar. This is similar to a diabetic’s inability to produce insulin which transports glucose into the body’s cells. When diabetics allow their blood sugar levels to go out of control, they suffer cognitive issues. This is why there is a higher risk of diabetics developing Alzheimer’s disease even when they manage their blood sugar.

Interestingly enough, those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s benefit from insulin doses.

Where does coconut oil come in?

Extra virgin organic coconut oil consists of “ketone bodies” which an fuel the brain when glucose cannot be converted to energy by the brain. While our body does not produce ketone bodies naturally, the consumption of coconut oil can trigger its production in the blood stream.

The good news about coconut oil is that its saturated fat content counts as good fats. It is true that our body needs good fats to function efficiently. To get a little technical, every nerve cell in the brain is covered by a myelin sheath or fatty outer layer that is replenished when fresh fats are in the individual’s diet. By eliminating processed foods and trans fats and replacing them with healthy fats such as that in coconut oil, it can help brain cells.

Make healthy choices now

Physicians are recommending the use of extra virgin organic coconut oil to treat Alzheimer’s disease with the added bonus of controlling diabetes. A dosage of three tablespoons a day is suggested and this can be included in one’s diet incrementally. Coconut oil can be mixed with breakfast cereal, yogurt or smoothies. Another easy way to make it part of the diet is by substituting cooking oil for coconut oil.

It is scary to think that brain damage from uncontrolled blood sugar happens long before any symptoms appear. Making healthy diet choices early can help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

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