Low Cholesterol with Jeeva Premium Organic Raw Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Low Cholesterol with Jeeva Premium Organic Raw Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
February 7, 2015 Cristina Hernandez

The health benefits of coconut oil have been known for centuries. However, only recent awareness is encouraging people to use it confidently. More and more people are reporting the effectiveness of coconut oil for a number of ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s to reducing high cholesterol, weight management, healthy hair and skin and improving brain health.

Cold processed and cold pressed virgin coconut oil is literally an elixir and qualifies as a superfood. It has a unique blend of fatty acids that are responsible for its health benefits. Its rich source of saturated fatty acids that is considered absolutely safe and renders it a great choice for improving cholesterol levels.

Understanding cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced in the liver and takes the form of low density lipoprotein or LDL and high density lipoproteins or HDL. These lipoproteins are vehicles that carry fat in the blood. LDL moves fats into the blood and causes an accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. HDLs are quite the opposite and work hard to return that fat to the liver. This is why LDLs contribute to health risks while high HDL do damage control.

Why coconut oil is effective?

The fatty acids in coconut oil are medium chain triglycerides, unlike the long chain fatty acids found in other oils. The difference is in the metabolism of medium chain fatty acids. These directly go to the liver via the digestive system where they are converted into energy. It does not affect the lipid profile. The saturated fats in coconut oil increase the good cholesterol or HDL which is critical for heart health.

At Jeeva, we offer an excellent quality virgin coconut oil that is cold processed and cold pressed from fresh fruit. The plant based oil stays stable at room temperature and does not turn rancid. The medium chain fatty acids can also accelerate weight loss, which has a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels. When we lose weight we automatically balance our cholesterol levels. The polyphenols in the oil stop the oxidation of cholesterol, which is critical in preventing atherosclerosis.

How much coconut oil per day?

Nutritionists recommend around three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil per day for the day’s quota of Lauric acid. It is important to take into account other fats you consume and adjust the dosage accordingly. Adding more physical activity is also recommended as this helps overall health.

Use coconut oil in your recipes to stay healthy!

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