Health benefits of coconut oil for babies

Health benefits of coconut oil for babies
April 1, 2015 Cristina Hernandez
Coconut oil babies

Health benefits of coconut oil for babies

Ask a mother to name the most precious thing in the world and her answer will definitely be “My baby”. This is natural as her prime concern is to ensure her baby grows up healthy and happy. When it comes to shopping for her baby, she is careful to choose only the safest products, preferably with natural ingredients.

The good news is extra virgin organic coconut oil, cold pressed and cold processed, which is a common ingredient in quality baby care products, is an excellent natural alternative. Its rich healing properties keep baby’s gentle skin soft, supple and healthy.

Why Jeeva extra virgin organic coconut oil is perfect for babies

The extraordinary health benefits of coconut oil for babies have been known for centuries. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and is a natural moisturiser. Here are five ways to keep baby healthy with coconut oil.

Natural treatment for nappy rash

Since coconut oil is 100% organic, is makes the ideal treatment for nappy rash. There are no chemicals in it to harm baby’s skin. Nappy rash is common among infants and when extra virgin coconut oil is applied on it, it nourishes the skin and heals it. Coconut oil is also used to treat yeast infections in babies and it does not stain cloth nappies.

Body lotion

Generally babies, with their soft skin do not need heavy body lotions. However, massaging them with coconut oil keeps their skin moisturised, preventing dryness and keeping them free from irritation.A loving massage also helps mothers bond with their little ones, while helping babies relax and sleep peacefully.

A remedy for cradle cap

Babies are prone to developing cradle cap on their scalp, which appears as scaly patches. Although it clears up on its own most of the time, massaging coconut oil on baby’s scalp loosens the flakes while moisturising the skin, clearing up the cradle cap.

Insect bites and skin rashes

Applying coconut oil on skin rashes and insect bites soothes the skin, preventing it from itching and speeds up healing.

As a pain reliever

When babies begin to teeth, gently massaging their gums with coconut oil reduces the pain. Applying some coconut oil in baby’s nostrils in the event of an allergy can relieve the symptoms.

It is important to ensure that you choose extra virgin coconut oil, which is pure and natural. When nursing mothers add coconut oil to their diet, babies directly benefit from it.

If you are wondering where to buy Jeeva extra virgin organic coconut oil to give your baby a healthy headstart in life, find us in Harrods, London.


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