Premium Organic Coconut Cream

Premium Organic Coconut Cream

Premium Organic Coconut Cream


This versatile store cupboard must-­‐have is thick, creamy and packed full of flavour. It takes homemade curries to the next level and is also great in smoothies and tropical cocktails.

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Thicker, richer and creamier than supermarket coconut milk, our premium coconut cream is made from handpicked coconuts that have been sustainably farmed in Sri Lanka. Because it’s 100% natural and dairy-­‐free, with organic, vegan and kosher certifications, it is a versatile ingredient for special diets cooking. Coconut cream can be used in both savoury and sweet recipes. It adds flavourful creaminess to curries and soups and is also delicious in porridge and tropical drinks, such as cocktails and fruit smoothies.


100% organic coconut

Nutritional values

Typical values per 100ml

Energy 912kJ/218Kcal Fat 22g

of which saturates 20g

Carbohydrate 2.6g

of which sugars 1.5g

Protein 2g

Salt 0.02g


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