Jeeva Organic King Coconut Oil

King coconuts are harvested exclusively for their water by Jeeva, but we are determined to maximise all the properties of this miraculous wonder, delivering it in its various forms to you. Our perseverance drove us to reach out to one single farm in Sri Lanka that agreed to allow the king coconuts to mature for longer and be transformed into coconut oil.
This means that Jeeva is the first to bring you organically-certified king coconut oil which is nutritious, aromatic and full of naturally-occurring goodness. The oil is extracted with minimal human intervention and processed using an advanced system that retains maximum nutrition, keeping the oil closest to it natural form. 
Premium and exclusive, it’s nature’s way of ensuring you are full of life.

Known as the ‘healthiest oil on earth’, organic raw coconut oil is a versatile offering straight from Mother Nature. Coconut oil comprises of medium chain fatty acid and is therefore easy to digest. One of the key components of organic coconut oil is lauric acid, a powerful medium-chain fatty acid that fights viruses and bacteria. The only other natural source of lauric acid in the world is the mother’s breast milk.


Medium chain fatty acids, such as in coconut oil, break down in the body in a different way as compared to those long chain fatty acids that come from animal and vegetable fats; it is this what makes coconut oil different from all other oils.

When you consume a long chain fatty acid, your body will retain the oil and then turn it into fat.

However, when the body ingests a medium chain fatty acid, it breaks it down quickly, using it as fuel before the body has a chance to store it as fat.

Medium chain fatty acids also assist with:

  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Speeding up the process of the body breaking down fats
  • Keeping the brain healthy and reducing the risk of aging-related diseases of the brain


Jeeva’s Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the milk of freshly harvested, handpicked Indian coconuts. Thanks to our special extraction and production methods, Jeeva Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil retains maximum nutrition and maximum taste, evoking the mild and nutty flavour of raw coconut flesh.

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Cooking: Incredibly versatile, Jeeva King Coconut Oil a secret weapon hidden in your kitchen cupboard. Replace your butter, olive oil or dairy-based products with this multi-talented little miracle. Use it to whip up a stir fry, or add to smoothies, coffee or baking recipes. Not all fat is bad for you and in order to work well, the body needs to consume good fat every day.

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Beauty: For generations, the Sri Lankan people have been using king coconut oil to keep their skin soft and smooth; it’s especially soothing for skin that has been recently exposed to sunshine. An effective make-up remover, king coconut oil effortlessly lifts eyeliner and delicately wipes away foundation without using chemicals or leaving a greasy residue. Swap out or supplement your moisturizer with coconut oil for a radiantly glowing complexion.

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Body: The bioactive enzymes found in king coconut products aid digestion and help maintain a healthy metabolism as part of a well-balanced diet.

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Hair: Replace your synthetic conditioner for coconut oil to leave your hair feeling silky and looking glossy.

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Teeth: Nature’s whitener, helping you achieve a pearly smile. Coconut pulling is a traditional Indian way of promoting healthy teeth and gums; put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swish around for 10 minutes before.

Exclusivelry brought to you from the shores of Sri Lanka